Here is a list of what Young Beard will do if you book them for a show at your venue.
1.  Create a Facebook Event page that includes images of all bands playing the event along with all associated website links for your venue and the other bands.  We will pay $50 to "boost" the event in your venues city with a 25 mile radius.
2.  Create, Print and Deliver 5 custom made event posters to your venue that includes all bands and all show details.  We will do this 2 to 3 weeks in advance of the show if possible depending on how close the show date is from the date the show is confirmed.
3.  Create, Print and Deliver 5 custom made posters that encourage your venues patrons to "Text for Download" of Young Beard's debut EP, The Big September, so they can get to know Young Beard in advance of the show in an effort to get them to the show to see Young Beard live at your venue.  We will deliver these posters to your venue with the event posters mentioned above.
4.  We will provide your house sound-person our General Stage Plot Map so he or she understands the size of our band and the scope of the equipment we will be bringing to your venue.  We will also respect the limitations of your venue and will make any adjustments needed to comply and make it the best show possible.
5.  We will show up well in advance of our start time for load in, and we'll do so in accordance with what we've been directed to do by your booking agent.  We will setup and tear down quickly out of respect for your venue and the other bands.