Young Beard on KUIC 95.3 FM

As you're probably already aware, Young Beard's EP release show is this upcoming Sunday October 2, at the Young Artists Conservatory of Music, 500 Davis St. in Vacaville CA.  The show starts at 6:30pm and goes to 9:30pm with 3 other bands - Justin Brieno, Forget it and Tarzan Dragon.  It's an all ages show with a $5 cover.  At this show you'll want to bring maybe a lawn chair or a blanket and be sure to dress warm as it's starting to get a little chilly in the evenings.  We will have some EP's there for sale if you'd like to pick up a hard copy and we'll be selling them for $5.

In our efforts to promote the show we were extremely lucky to have our local radio station, KUIC 95.3 FM, bring us into their studio and do a little interview with us about the EP and the release show.  This isn't very common so that fact that it happened was really exciting for us.  What's more is that when we met with John Young at the studio he told us that KUIC is looking to do things like this more often with local bands.  So if you're in a local Solano County band keep your eyes on the KUIC home page as they may start getting the word out about this very soon.

When we got there we met John Young right away and he was quite the host.  He was super cool and a very funny guy.  By the way, he's a session musician as well as a radio host, so he totally gets what it means to be a musician which really helps him identify with a group like us being able to get the word out about a show on the radio station.  When the time came to go live he scooped us up out of the lobby and got us in his studio.  From there things went really quickly!

The interview only lasted about 4 minutes which goes by very quickly, but in that time we got the word out about the show, a little info on how Young Beard got started, promoted the other bands playing at the release event and directed people to our website where they could listen to our music.  Before we knew it, it was over, but in our minds it was a complete success.

We did go live on Facebook when it was happening and you can see the video HERE if you want to.  We'd like to thank KUIC and John Young for being so gracious to Young Beard and we are really excited that this type of experience could be happening soon for other local bands. 

That's about it for now and we hope to see you at the show!

Young Beard

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