Young Beard in the Studio

Young Beard is back in the studio with Robbie Guardino recording two new songs this week.  Robbie came up from LA to produce the songs which are being recorded at Fat Cat Recording Studio in Sacramento.  After all the tracks are captured, Robbie will bring them back to LA for mixing and mastering.  Sean Stack at Fat Cat will be helping with the engineering on the tracks as well.

We love working with Robbie.  When we write songs we feel like we're just getting the "base coat" down.  Then when Robbie gets hold of them he ads a little color, chrome and polish to them making them really memorable tracks.  Working with a producer is a very cool experience.  You have to work with someone you trust and respect of course, but if you can find that someone, it really makes the recording process interesting, fun and much more productive.

Having another creative soul in the room who truly does "give a shit" about the songs really gives the tracks a chance to be all they can be.  I think even more so when you're just a 3 piece band.  Once we've got them finished up we'll be working with Devin Zamora to get another video out.  It's such a blessing to be connected to so many amazingly talented artists in the Bay Area (and now LA).  Being able to work with guys like Robbie and Devin rules.  I know these guys are always looking for new projects so if you're in need - hit them up.

Yesterday Robbie, Frankie and I were in my garage going over the songs we're going to record.  Robbie had a chance to listen to our versions before he got here so he could make his suggestions with respect to arrangement and some melody lines.  The session went great and we're all really happy with the way the songs are shaping up.  Today Kevin comes over and we'll be in a full band live setting learning how to play the new arrangements so when we get into the studio tomorrow and Friday all should go smoothly.  At least that's the plan!

I'll make posts with pics throughout the process to keep you posted if you're interested.  Thanks for checking in on us, and we'll talk to you later!



  • DJ Judge
    DJ Judge thecaperadio
    I am looking forward to hearing the new music.

    I am looking forward to hearing the new music.

  • Patrick
    Patrick The 707
    Young Beard is rad.

    Young Beard is rad.

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