Video - Recording - Gigging - We March On!

Thanks to our good friend/killer musician/awesome video dude - Devin Zamora (with the band Forget It) we've released our first official video of our song Milk on the Counter.  The video seems to be doing pretty well and we're grateful for all of the views, likes, shares and comments.  Video can really bring a song to life and bring some excitement back to a project which is really cool.  If you're in a band and you're looking for someone to help you with video hit Devin up.  You can search him on Facebook and find him there.

In other news, we're back in the studio this month to record two new songs.  We've got our producer Robbie Gardunio coming up from LA to meet us at Fat Cat Recording Studio in Sacramento for a couple of days to record the tracks.  After we're done at Fat Cat Robbie will take the tracks back to LA for mixing and mastering.  That's going to be so fun for us as we really enjoy the recording process and working with Robbie G!  What's more is we plan on having Devin there as well to capture some footage for another video that we hopefully can release in May or June.

And in other - other news, we have to let you know about a new band that's comprised of some of our friends.  Stephen, Thayer, Connor and Nate have formed the band Slumped and they are releasing their debut 3 song EP this month.  These tracks are so great!  But how could they not be with such a superstar cast of band-mates?  These 3 songs are wonderfully crafted tracks that will get you instantly hooked.  When we listened to them we thought to ourselves; "Damn.... we need to step it up!"  It's a killer EP and you can get it here:

Beyond that the only other thing to mention is that we will be playing at the Red Hat Sports Bar in Concord CA with Monument Strange (our totally bass ass friends who kick serious ass), and The Escape Agency on May 6th.  So if you can make that show it would be great to see you!

Have a great day.

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