Rexmix and Remaster of "JG"

Our debut EP - The Big September - was recorded at Robbie Gardunio's home in Vacaville California.  The fact that the equipment used to record, mix and master the EP was pretty humble from a recording standpoint is a testament to his recording and producing ability. 

The EP was completed literally the day before Robbie moved to LA where here started working at db Studios.  Now, in a professional studio he began looking at some of the recordings he did from his home studio and has started to remix and remaster some of them.  Young Beard's "JG" was one of those songs.

I asked him if he would give us a little write up telling us why he chose JG.  Here's what he had to say;

"Working with Young Beard was a key event in my beginning days working as a local music producer/audio engineer in Vacaville. The band and I developed an incredible working relationship instantly, fueled by trust and creativity. Young Beard was one of the first groups I worked with who listened to what I had to say when it came to production ideas and song arrangements. They gave me the real opportunity to develop myself as an actual producer, rather than just someone who records bands.

When an artist works with a producer, it's important that they trust their producer essentially as an additional member of their band. Together, we share the common goal of making incredible songs that are both memorable and sonically exciting.  When I moved to Los Angeles, I began working for a producer named 
Daniel Braunstein at his studio dB Music Studios in Woodland Hills. Dan took me on as his apprentice, and he's continued to act as a mentor to me, teaching me to improve my abilities as a mixing/mastering engineer as well as a producer and songwriter. Being able to sit in on a variety of recording/writing sessions helped me form a new mindset on how to approach working with artists of all genres.

I began to remix old recordings of bands I had worked with up north so that I could build my portfolio. I decided one of my first remixes would be the song JG by Young Beard. I have been a huge fan of this song since we started working on it, but was always dissatisfied with the song's mix since its release. I approached the song with new ears and a fresh mindset on mixing with the goal of showcasing the song's aggressive intro/chorus, but also highlighting the more stripped-down verses and bridge.The 5-song EP we created together holds a very important place in my heart, and I'm hoping to remix the rest of the songs for a future re-release."

So with said, and without further ado.....

You can download the remixed and remastered version of JG by clicking HERE.

Have an awesome day.


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