Recording 2 New Songs - Check

We had a very successful two day recording session.  We booked 2 twelve hour sessions at Fat Cat Recording Studio in Sacramento and used every minute of them!  It was 10am to 10pm two days in a row of extremely focused recording and in the end I think were all walking away feeling pretty darn good about what we captured.  When I say we used every minute of those 24 hours, I mean it was literally every minute.  We sat down and crunched out track after track and punch after punch (our musician readers get this.. it's a recording thing), and now that I look back on it, it was pretty grueling.

The only way it was even possible to get it all done so smoothly was because our producer, Robbie Gadunio had such a clear vision for the songs.  He knew exactly what needed to get done and in what order.  Even going so far as to have Frankie sing all of his lighter vocals first and then gradually working him up to his throat thrashing screams, bouncing back and forth between the songs.  It was a great feeling being hunkered down in the studio with no idea if it was light or dark outside for those 24 hours.  We didn't even go out to eat.  We bought grocery's and drinks and just buried ourselves in the process.

Now Robbie has all tracks in hand and he's back down to LA where he'll get these babies mixed and mastered.  In the meantime we're going to do our best to hook up with Devin Zamora and get a video done for one of the songs.  We already know which one we're going to do.  So we'll send Devin a rough mix of the song, and then kind of go through the same sort of process for the video.  We have great respect for Devin as a video producer and we're looking forward to his direction for the product.  It's going to be awesome, and we're super stoked about it.

The bigger task at hand for us is the fact that we have two shows coming up that we have to rehearse for.  Although the songs we recorded were already part of our current live show set list, they've changed enough to where we have to relearn them.  We'll do our best not to disappoint you if you make it to one of our shows!  So we've got a practice coming up on Thursday, then a show Saturday May 6th in Concord at the Red Hat Sports Bar with The Monument Strange and The Escape Agency.  After that we'll grab another rehearsal on Thursday the 11th before our show that same night at Cheers in Vacaville where we're playing with Stoop Kids, Slumped and Rex Means King.  You can get more details on these shows by clicking HERE.

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You all have an amazing week.


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