One More Time!

Again... One more time... You got this... Amazing... If we had a dollar for every time Robbie Gardunio said that yesterday we'd be rich!  Day 1 of our 2 day recording sessions at Fat Cat Recording Studio went so great, and we're very happy with what got captured to Sean Stack's Pro Tools recording software.  The Robbie/Sean combination was pretty rad to watch.  These two recording engineers were speaking some foreign language half the time we were in there, but they sure knew what they were saying to each other!

Yesterday morning was all about the drums.  Fat Cat has a fantastic recording room and a killer set of DW drums that Kevin took advantage of to lay down some amazing tracks.  If you've never been in a recording session you'd be surprised at how songs are constructed in the hands of a great producer.  Meticulously tracking piece by piece of a song making sure to capture only the best performances is a little bizarre.  It's putting together a musical jigsaw puzzle or something.  But in the end it sounds fantastic.

Anyway, Kevin killed it yesterday and we got the drum tracks captured and edited by about 2pm.  I was up next until Frankie arrived at 7:30pm to track the bass.  The primary focus for my session was to try and get as much of the heavy rhythm tracks laid as I could before Frankie got there.  Piece by piece we tracked and were able to get them done on one of the songs.  It was such a pleasure to track with my new amp and various new pedals I have.  I've been dreaming of how it all would sound in the studio and I was not disappointed!  They heavy guitars on these tracks are so thick, rich and in your face - I freaking love it!  You'll hear what I mean soon!

When Frankie got there it was a nice surprise to see he brought his wife Jessica with him!  I was so glad to see her there.  I think a lot of times our significant others don't really get what goes on when musicians do musician things.  The good news is I don't think we bored her too bad!  Frankie patiently worked through the Robbie process and laid his bass tracks and they came out awesome.  The difference between these new songs and songs on our EP are literally night and day.  Keep in mind that our EP was recorded in Robbie's house with extremely limited equipment.  Now we're in a full blown studio with some of the best recording gear money can buy.  So we'll let you be the judge of course, but based on what I'm hearing, it's going to be quite an improvement!

That's it for now, I gotta go here pretty quick to get back up there and finish these babies!  Today is all about vocals and guitar (no pressure right?) so it should be a blast.  I'll make another post about how things went tomorrow if you're interested.  Please subscribe to our page here and give our music a listen if you haven't already.  And don't forget, we've got a couple of shows coming up real quick that you can see by clicking on "shows" in the nav bar at the top of our page.

Have a great weekend!  See ya soon!


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