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I got to Cheers way too early probably out of anticipation of the evening that lay ahead.  I was kind of excited about this show for a few of reasons.  First of all, we were playing in our hometown which is really rare.  It's not that our hometown doesn't like us or anything it's just that downtown Vacaville doesn't have a whole lot of places to play as an original band on a weekend.  So even though it's a Thursday, the fact that it's home was pretty cool.

Next, I knew it would be packed.  The Facebook event showed over 50 were "going" and about 60 were "interested".  So with some quick math in my head, knowing that if someone is going that they probably aren't going alone, I was calculating a pretty nice crowd.  Sure enough, the place was packed with people inside and out.  But what I was most excited about besides the fact that we got to play the bill, was seeing the other bands in the line up which included one new band in particular - Slumped.

The reason I was so stoked to see Slumped is because each of the individual members of the band are so unique and talented.  It's like Slumped can't help but be a super-band.  I remember when we heard the rumors of these guys getting together, we were thinking "man... that's gunna be a killer band" and sure enough, we were right, Slumped is just that - a freaking killer band.  What makes them so good isn't just their technical skills as musicians, but the fact that all of the members are such creative powerhouses.  These guys can flat out write amazing songs packed with hooks and chops galore. 

So I knew that when I got to see them play their debut EP live I'd dig it, which I did, it was totally awesome.  I gotta tell you though, what really put the whole "Slumped live" experience over the top for me was their fans.  Even though Slumped is a new band, they've already amassed a group of super-fans to go with their super-band.  To see how their fans interact with them live is really incredible.  It's like their fans are part of the band.  Seriously, if you would have walked in on that show in the middle of their set you might of had a hard time figuring out where the band stopped and where the crowd started!  Slumped has a special bond with their fans.  They "get" each other and that's typically part of the special sauce that propels bands notable heights.

I had a chance to ask Slumped front man, Nate Punty, a few quick questions about the band.  Here's what he had to say:

Q:  How did Slumped come together?
Nate:  I pretty much tricked my favorite musicians from my favorite local bands to start another rock band!

Q:  Is there any meaning to the name Slumped?
Nate:  Not really besides the fact we all like to drink, and it rolls off the tongue pretty well.

Q:  How does Slumped go about writing their songs?
Nate:  I try to come up with a catchy riff and build around it. When I bring it to practice everyone adds onto it and makes it sound a million times better than how it started.

Q:  What project(s) are Slumped working on right now?
Nate:  Currently, we plan on putting out new shirts and recording either a new single or another short EP in a few weeks.

Q:  Are there any plans for touring?
Nate:  We plan on eventually doing a weekend or a five day run, but it's hard to organize at the moment because some of our jobs are so demanding.

Q:  Where can we find out more about Slumped?
Nate:  We have Instagram and Facebook!

I couldn't link you to their Instagram account here from my laptop, but if you search them there you'll find them.  They also can be found and "heard" at Bandcamp.  You can click on their EP image below to get there.  I also put one of their videos of their song "Brother" below as well.

Get connected to the band via their Facebook page and keep your eye out for them.  If you're ever in an area where they're playing live, do yourself a favor and go see them, you'll love them and more than likely join their loyal fan base, I did...

Links are below!  Have a great day!



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