EP Release Show was AWESOME

It's 6:34 am on Monday morning October 3rd, 2016 as I begin to write this update.  Last night was an absolute blast for Young Beard and it was a night that won't be forgotten any time soon.  Of course what I'm talking about is our EP release show for our debut EP - The Big September.  The event was held at the Young Artists Conservatory of Music in Vacaville CA.  It was only appropriate to have the release show at the Conservatory as it's such a laid back environment and just felt so "local-liciuos" especially because of the line up for the night.  Due to a rain scare the fine folks at the Conservatory (aka Waverly Cook and friends) put up tarps over the stage area which gave it almost a "beer garden" kind of feel, and even though it was a bit chilly there was a wonderful turn out.  Thanks to everyone for coming out on a cool Sunday night, We appreciate you so much!

The show opened up with the one and only Justin Brieno as a solo act.  Justin, his guitar and his indie/jazz approach to his songs made for a great opening act that got the crowd warmed up and ready for more.  Justin performed for about 30 minutes where he not only entertained the crowd with his beautifully melodic tracks but with his clever wit as well.  He's a great entertainer and a pretty funny guy so if you ever get a chance to see Justin play don't miss it.  One of the last things I heard him say to a couple others who were messing around with a basketball as we were all packing up at the end of the night was, "Oh you got the sports ball going?".  Yeah, "the sports ball".  Hilarious.  You can follow Justin by clicking HERE.

Next up was the insanely epic Forget It!  "HOLY CRAP" was all I could say once these extremely talented kids got going.  My goodness they are an amazing band.  Not only are their songs absolutely fantastic, but their live show was intoxicating.  The musicianship in this band is so impressive and to combine that talent with such easily digestible "hook filled" songs is a real treat.  These guys play a ton of shows all around the Bay Area so if you see them coming anywhere near you, you have to go and check them out.  You can follow Forget It by clicking HERE. 

Third in the evenings line up came the exotic TARZANDRAGON.  These guys are so freaking cool man.  Their currently lined up as a 4 piece band but they sound like a lot more.  These guys know how to put together some tunes man!  The guitar work in this band always intrigues me, but then again I'm a guitar player so go figure.  Dominic has a way of playing these hypnotic "rhythm/solo's" throughout the whole song.  I mean it's like he's playing rhythm guitar and lead guitar at the same time - crazy man, crazy.  Combine that with precise musical competence of the rest of the band and you've got yourself quite the bitchen package.  At the end of the day, these guys are a must see as well.  You can follow TARZANDRAGON by clicking HERE.

Then it was our turn.  We took to the stage area moving gear and plugging stuff in.  After we got all tuned up, I lifted up my head and was shocked at the size and anticipation of the crowd.  I guess everyone was quite curious to hear us.  I think the reason why they were so curious is because they probably all heard the EP a couple times and they really wanted to see how we would sound live.  So we shook off a couple butterflies, had a quick "you ready" conversation and off we went.

We opened the set with a new song that isn't on the EP, Manic Pixie Dream Girl.  Even though it's a new song, we played it pretty darn good, it felt great.  When we finished the song the crowd erupted in applause and the tone was set for the rest of our show.  The crowd was wonderful.  They were so gracious and accepting of our music.  At the completion of every song they made us feel great.  Much to our surprise there were many singing along to a couple of our songs which was a real treat.  We closed out the show with our instrumental song - Black Mold - which seems to always be a live hit.  Then before you know it, it was over.

We stuck around and helped our beloved rock star/super hero Waverly Cook clean up the joint and put a bunch of stuff away, and of course we hung out in the parking lot trading gig stories with other band members which is always fun.  Overall, it was a great night and an awesome EP release show.  Part of me is glad it's over cause now we can get down to gigging, after all, this was only the third time we've played live!  Speaking of playing live, looks like we've got a show coming up on November 4th at the Red Hat Sports Bar in Concord, CA.  We're not sure of the lineup or anything yet so we'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Have an awesome day!

Young Beard


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