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Just to let you know, we're doing a promotion of our debut EP, The Big September, and giving away the whole EP for free if you join our mailing list.  Now don't worry!  We're not going to spam you or send you a whole bunch of crap that you don't care about.  The only thing you'll get in your email from being on our list is updates on  new shows and new music releases, that's pretty much it.

So how do you join our mailing list?  Just CLICK HERE and put in your email address.  You'll be guided on what to do next from there.  It's easy and fast.  We really appreciate it.

Speaking of new music and new shows, we've got both happening right now.  We have two shows coming up in November that we made mention of on our last post, and we have three shows coming up in December that we haven't posted yet as details are still coming together.  We do have an update however on the Red Hat show in Concord, CA.  We now know the names of the other two bands that we'll be sharing the stage with.  They are "Call Box" and "The Monument Strange".

To check out Call Box you can CLICK HERE.
To check out The Monument Strange you can CLICK HERE.

The December shows we have are December 7 at the Colonial Cafe in Sacramento, December 15 at the Naked Lounge in Sacramento and December 22 at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco.  The December 7 show details are here on our website and you can see them by clicking on "Shows" above.  The details on the other shows are still coming together and we'll get them posted as soon as we can.

The show on the 7th of December is going to be super cool.  It's at the "Theater" Colonial, not the little Colonial Pub for those of you familiar with the venues.  There's a big line up and the bands we'll be playing with are so freaking awesome.  If you're in the Sacramento area be sure to make that one if you can.

All right, I'm done.  You all have an awesome week and we'll talk to you again soon.


Young Beard


  • Lis Barnes
    Lis Barnes Vacaville
    Tried to download the EP and couldn't

    Tried to download the EP and couldn't

  • Young Beard
    Young Beard
    Sorry about that Lis.. I'll check it out, fix it and get you a copy!

    Sorry about that Lis.. I'll check it out, fix it and get you a copy!

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