Effortlessly blending elements of punk and folk into a satisfying whole, Young Beard’s “The Big September” is an absolute delight.”


Meet Slumped 

I got to Cheers way too early probably out of anticipation of the evening that lay ahead.  I was kind of excited about this show for a few of reasons.  First of all, we were playing in our hometown which is really rare.  It's not that our hometown doesn't like us or anything it's just that downtown Vacaville doesn't have a whole lot of places to play as an original band on a weekend.  So even though it's a Thursday, the fact that it's home was pretty cool.

Next, I knew it would be packed.  The Facebook event…Read more

Rexmix and Remaster of "JG" 

Our debut EP - The Big September - was recorded at Robbie Gardunio's home in Vacaville California.  The fact that the equipment used to record, mix and master the EP was pretty humble from a recording standpoint is a testament to his recording and producing ability. 

The EP was completed literally the day before Robbie moved to LA where here started working at db Studios.  Now, in a professional studio he began looking at some of the recordings he did from his home studio and has started to remix and…Read more

Recording 2 New Songs - Check 

We had a very successful two day recording session.  We booked 2 twelve hour sessions at Fat Cat Recording Studio in Sacramento and used every minute of them!  It was 10am to 10pm two days in a row of extremely focused recording and in the end I think were all walking away feeling pretty darn good about what we captured.  When I say we used every minute of those 24 hours, I mean it was literally every minute.  We sat down and crunched out track after track and punch after punch (our musician readers get…Read more

One More Time! 

Again... One more time... You got this... Amazing... If we had a dollar for every time Robbie Gardunio said that yesterday we'd be rich!  Day 1 of our 2 day recording sessions at Fat Cat Recording Studio went so great, and we're very happy with what got captured to Sean Stack's Pro Tools recording software.  The Robbie/Sean combination was pretty rad to watch.  These two recording engineers were speaking some foreign language half the time we were in there, but they sure knew what they were saying to each…Read more

That Tone! 

An article came out in Guitar Player Magazine today that caught my eye.  It's titled:  Tom Morello: “This Is the Top Song That Inspired My Guitar Playing and Tone”.

I read it and was somewhat surprised to learn what song that was for Tom.  Believe it or not it was a song by the recently deceased Allan Holdsworth called "Metal Fatigue".  He says in the article that the harmony effect Holdsworth used in that song was what inspired him to look into harmonizing units, which ultimately led him to the DigiTech…Read more

Young Beard in the Studio 

Young Beard is back in the studio with Robbie Guardino recording two new songs this week.  Robbie came up from LA to produce the songs which are being recorded at Fat Cat Recording Studio in Sacramento.  After all the tracks are captured, Robbie will bring them back to LA for mixing and mastering.  Sean Stack at Fat Cat will be helping with the engineering on the tracks as well.

We love working with Robbie.  When we write songs we feel like we're just getting the "base coat" down.  Then when Robbie gets hold…Read more

Video - Recording - Gigging - We March On! 

Thanks to our good friend/killer musician/awesome video dude - Devin Zamora (with the band Forget It) we've released our first official video of our song Milk on the Counter.  The video seems to be doing pretty well and we're grateful for all of the views, likes, shares and comments.  Video can really bring a song to life and bring some excitement back to a project which is really cool.  If you're in a band and you're looking for someone to help you with video hit Devin up.  You can search him on Facebook…Read more

Download EP for FREE 

Just to let you know, we're doing a promotion of our debut EP, The Big September, and giving away the whole EP for free if you join our mailing list.  Now don't worry!  We're not going to spam you or send you a whole bunch of crap that you don't care about.  The only thing you'll get in your email from being on our list is updates on  new shows and new music releases, that's pretty much it.

So how do you join our mailing list?  Just CLICK HERE and put in your email address.  You'll be guided on what to do…Read more

Back to Back November Shows 

Well the Young Beard journey begins.  After our EP release show we did at the Young Artists Conservatory of Music in Vacaville with Justin Brieno, Forget It and TARZANDRAGON we started reaching out to some venues, and surprisingly some have reached out to us!

So we've got some winter shows coming up that we wanted to let you know about in hopes that you might be able to make one or two.  November is almost here and we've got two "Back to Back" shows we're scheduled to play. 

Our first November show is at the…Read more

EP Release Show was AWESOME 

It's 6:34 am on Monday morning October 3rd, 2016 as I begin to write this update.  Last night was an absolute blast for Young Beard and it was a night that won't be forgotten any time soon.  Of course what I'm talking about is our EP release show for our debut EP - The Big September.  The event was held at the Young Artists Conservatory of Music in Vacaville CA.  It was only appropriate to have the release show at the Conservatory as it's such a laid back environment and just felt so "local-liciuos"…Read more

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